Optimize Loading Time with Batch Re-Save

You may find that your Output instrument takes some time to load in Kontakt. After adding your new Output instrument into Kontakt for the first time, we strongly suggest that you Batch Re-save your new instrument. This way, the instrument will load much faster each time.

Understanding Batch Re-save:

Batch Re-saving can significantly decrease loading times for your instruments. When loading a Kontakt instrument, the program builds an instrument using the files in your Library folder. 

Batch re-saving optimizes the library for your current version of Kontakt. It does so by modifying the .nki file that you click to load a given instrument.

As a result of this, your instrument will load significantly faster. Additionally, this can help fix any sample pathway issues if you've previously encountered a Missing Files error.

Lastly, after performing a Batch Re-save, your engine will no longer load in older versions of Kontakt. This won't impact most users, however, if you frequently use multiple versions of Kontakt, we don't recommend batch re-saving.

Performing a Batch Re-save

Note: You can only batch re-save one engine at a time. Here's how:

      1. Close your DAW
      2. Open the standalone Kontakt app - do not load any instruments within Kontakt
      3. Click the Floppy Disk Icon near the top right of the Kontakt window
      4. Select Batch re-save
      5. Select Yes when prompted by the dialog box
      6. Navigate to the engine's Library Folder
      7. Click the folder to highlight it
      8. Select Open

It might take a few minutes for Kontakt to complete the batch re-save. Once complete, Kontakt will look blank.

Now load the .nki back into Kontakt either by dragging or double-clicking, and enjoy your quick loading time!

Visual Guide:

This photo details how to navigate to Batch Re-save inside Kontakt:


Below is the dialog box that will appear in step 5. Note: if you receive a missing resources warning, please reach out to our support team and we will assist you in locating these files.


Lastly, navigate to your Library folder and select Open.


Kontakt can take a few minutes to fully process the Batch Re-save. Once complete, Kontakt will look blank.

Video Guide

*Disclaimer, the video below is for versions Kontakt 5.6 and below and may be slightly outdated*

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