Output Hub Says An Error Occurred

You may encounter this error when downloading via Output Hub:


Understanding This Error

The most common cause of this error is installing your ENGINES or EXPANSIONS to a protected location on your system. Folders with heightened security and permissions may prevent you from downloading files into those folders.

Here are a some common protected locations:


  • C:\
  • C:\ProgramFiles\
  • External Drive


  • Applications Folder
  • External Drive

How To Fix This Issue:

To fix this issue, please download your ENGINES and EXPANSIONS to a location that isn't protected, such as your Desktop, Documents, or Downloads folder

Once your download is complete, you may move your ENGINES to wherever you wish including the above protected locations. 

Using External Storage:

You can move your ENGINES to an External Drive later after downloading. We recommended you first download to your main drive to help prevent download errors. Once your download is complete, do the following:

  1. Open Output Hub
  2. Navigate to the first instrument on your product list
  3. Click Update Location
  4. Click Choose
  5. Find and highlight your Instrument Folder
  6. Click Install here
  7. Repeat for any additional engines

Alternate Installation Methods

You can install your ENGINES without Hub, using Native Access. Check out our guide: HERE
You can also install your EXPANSIONS without HUB. Check out our guide: HERE

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