Output Support

Loop Modes


On the right side of the Loop Edit Page, set the playback mode.

Reverse – To play a Loop in reverse simply click the Reverse icon

 for that particular Loop.

Pendulum – Clicking on the Pendulum icon  will playback the Loop forward and backwards from the respective Loop points.

Loop – The Loop icon  will be on by default, which means voices will have looping enabled by default. Click the Loop icon to disable looped playback on a voice.

Hold – When the Hold icon  is selected, a Loop voice will sustain after indefinitely the key is released. To stop the Loop from playing either press the key again or press the stop button on the bottom right-hand side of the keyboard.


You can also activate the Hold function on a Loop by right-clicking the respective White Key in the GUI keyboard then selecting the Hold option. Right-clicking a White Key also allows you to remove a Loop by clicking Remove Sample.


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