What Happens If I Cancel My Arcade Subscription?

If you cancel your subscription you will be logged out immediately, and will not be able to log in again until you re-subscribe.

What happens to my Arcade sessions after I unsubscribe?

Arcade will still play any MIDI data sent to it, and your sessions will sound exactly as they did when you made them.

Can I make changes to sessions I was working on?

Without an active subscription you will not be able to access the interface or make any new tweaks to the work you've done with Arcade.

You will not be able to access custom Kits you created, or load your own Samples inside Arcade.

What about the music I made while subscribed?

Whatever music you create while subscribed is yours to keep forever, royalty-free.

How do I remove Arcade downloads from my hard drive?

For instructions on how to uninstall Arcade and delete all Arcade data from your hard drive, click here.

If you uninstall and delete Arcade data, it will no longer play back within your DAW.

How to re-subscribe to Arcade

If you'd like to re-subscribe, click here and select the "Sign Up Again" option. 


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