If you've installed your Expansion Packs correctly by choosing the parent folder and they fail to be displayed, then let’s have you try the following:

Please open up Kontakt, click on the arrow next to your library, such as EXHALE, and choose Open containing folder.

Are the Expansion Pack presets present in the following location?

EXHALE > Library Data > EXHALE Presets

If they're not there, that means the Expansion Packs were not installed in the correct folder or you may have a duplicate copy of your folder. This duplicate folder can be commonly found in your shared folder. 

For MAC users, this shared folder can be found in Macintosh HD/Users/Shared and for PC users in C:/Users/Public/Public Documents.

If this is the case, you'll have to delete the duplicate copy by simply dragging it to your trash. Next, open Native Access and locate your library under the Installed products tab. Next, click on REPAIR and choose RELOCATE. From there, follow the on-screen instructions to relocate your library which contains the Expansion Packs.

You can now reopen Kontakt, perform a SCAN, and your Expansion Packs should be successfully displayed.