To improve the CPU usage of SUBSTANCE, please try the following:

  1. Increase your buffer size to at least 512 samples.
  2. Minimize the release time of volume envelopes wherever possible (also play with the volume attack time).
  3. Minimize the use of time based effects on the global and layer levels.
  4. Reduce the max number of voices used or try putting your layers in monophonic mode.
  5. Minimize the SUBSTANCE GUI within Kontakt when it's not being used, then close the Kontakt GUI.
  6. If you hear clicking while using a mouse to control the macros, try assigning a physical MIDI knob or fader to the macro by right-clicking the macro and clicking "Learn MIDI CC# Automation." Then move the knob/fader that you wish to control it. If you don't have one, try smoothing out the automation in your DAW.

We also recommend running your DAW in 64-bit, and please try running a 'Batch re-save' in Kontakt, as we've found it really helps reduce the load time, as well as solve any sample pathway issues. Here's how it's done: