The Macro Overview Page is accessed by clicking on the middle button on the vertical stack of buttons on the left side of the keyboard: 


This page can be used to view all parameters assigned to any of the four Macros. 



On the left-hand side you’ll find the available four Macros. Select the Macro you wish to edit by clicking on the number and name of the Macro (such as 1 Focus).

Macros can be renamed by double-clicking on the Macro name, typing in a new name, then pressing ‘enter’ on your computer’s keyboard or clicking anywhere.

The middle portion of the Macro Overview contains a fader that acts as a clone of the same macro on the Main Page. This is useful for hearing how the Macro affects your sound without having to leave the Macro Overview Page.

On the right-hand side of the Macro Overview Page is the Macro Assigned Parameterssection. This contains all of the parameters currently assigned to the selected Macro. You can edit the range of each effect parameter, adjust the relative ‘floor’ value (the lowest Macro Slider setting per parameter), and remove a parameter from a Macro Slider altogether.

The Clear All button can be used to remove all currently assigned parameters from the Macro.

There are no limitations as to how many parameters can be assigned to a Macro.

Note: You cannot assign a parameter to 2 separate macros.