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You can easily modify, add, and remove Sources by clicking the Tweak button to the right of the Kit name. The Tweak page houses an advanced set of controls to further adjust each Source.

Editing Layers:

Layers allow you to play up to three Sources simultaneously when pressing a key.

You can select different Sources by clicking on the Source name on the far left of each Layer. Different Source icons correspond to different types of sources, such as One-Shots, and Pads.

Source Browser

The Source Browser is where you can search, preview, and download samples to use in your Instrument. Once you’ve found the perfect Source to Layer, double click to replace the existing source. 


Additional Controls in Layer Edit:

Layer Edit provides access to additional parameters such as Tuning, Filter, and Envelope Controls which allow you to further tweak any Source.


There are several other features to note in Layer Edit:

  • Waveform and Loop Splice/Edit
  • New Round Robin Loop function
  • Tune feature in Semitones / Cents
  • Filter with several cutoff/rolloff presets
  • Amp Envelope, Filter Envelope, and Pitch Envelope
  • Advanced Settings including Range and Legato
  • Master Volume and Pan functions

If you have any specific questions, be sure to contact us, and we will be sure help you out!

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