AHDSR Modulation

Arcade's ADHSR Envelope is only available for Instruments. This envelope allows you to program change-over-time for any assigned parameters.


The envelope is accessed from the Modulation tab within the Tweak page. The envelope can be assigned to any parameters, including Macros or other Modulation sources.

AHDSR envelopes are similar to more traditional ADSR envelopes, with the addition of a Hold parameter which occurs between the Attack and Decay stages.

  • Attack - The time required for the signal to reach peak amplitude once a note is played
  • Hold - Determines how long the maximum value is held before the Decay stage begins
  • Decay - The amount of time it takes for the signal to fall from the Attack level to the Sustain level
  • Sustain - Sets the sustain level, where the signal remains until the note is released
  • Release - The amount of time it takes for the signal to fall to 0 after the note is released

Click here to learn more about editing and assigning modulation.

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