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Arcade's Browser is divided into 4 main sections: Feed, Lines, Search, Your Stuff.

You can access each section by clicking the corresponding icon on the left-hand side of Arcade.

The Feed

The Feed is Arcade's landing page. Here you'll find the newest Arcade content, including new Lines and Kits. We also present you a selection of recommended Kits based on the content you commonly play.


Searching for Sounds

The Search tab provides access to all of Arcade's sounds. Use the search bar to find exactly what you're looking for. Additionally, you can use the tags at the top (Instrument, Genre, Function) to sort through sounds. You can sort results alphabetically and by date.

Select Show Downloaded Only to only see the content you've already downloaded.

The Sampler Kits, Notes Kits, and Samples tabs under the search bar allow you to search through all available Kits or individual Arcade Samples.



Lines are collections of sounds that fit a common theme and musical purpose. Each Line features an ever-expanding library of Kits. Each Kit contains a set of curated Samples or Sources. You can think of Kits as Arcade presets.

Click on a Line to display all of its Kits. To learn more about Lines, Kits, Samples, and Sources, click here.


Your Stuff

The Your Stuff tab contains your customized Kits and Samples. This includes custom-built or edited Sampler and Note Kits, any Kits saved from Kit Generator, and other Samples you've added to Arcade.


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