Logic Pro X Is Not Playing Back What I Recorded With Arcade

It is possible that you don't hear sound when playing back a MIDI region in Logic. We recommend the following:

Check the audio output device in Logic

Make sure the current settings will route to your speakers or headphones. This is done by navigating to Logic Pro X > Preferences > Audio > I/O assignments > Output. 

This Apple Support article offers greater details.

Check the audio output routing for the Arcade track 

Verify that there are no other muted or soloed channels and that there’s a clear path to the master output bus.

Verify that you are starting your playback at the beginning of the MIDI note

MIDI is not audio, it is a signal that triggers audio to turn on and off. The beginning of the MIDI note contains the 'Note On' signal. When you click play from the middle of the MIDI note, the 'Note On' signal is not delivered to your instrument, and no sound is produced.

There are a couple of workarounds you can try within Logic. Here are some Apple Support guides for reference:

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