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The Playback Settings tab of the Tweak menu provides access to global settings which affect the entire kit. 


  • Speed – Choose between /2 (half speed), x1 (normal speed), or x2 (double speed) to affect ARCADE’s global playback speed. Note: If a Kit has a Sample at double speed and you set the global speed within ARCADE to half speed, that Sample will now simply play back at normal speed.
  • Legato – When Legato is on, the first Sample triggered will play, as usual, then any consecutive Samples triggered will play as if they had been triggered at the same moment the first Sample was triggered. For example, if you play the first Sample, then trigger the second Sample at the halfway point of the first Sample, the second Sample will also begin at the halfway point. Note: This does not apply to Modifiers.
  • Voice Limit –This section allows you to set the maximum amount of Samples you can playback within a Kit at one time. The options are 1, which means only one Sample can be played at a time, all the way up to 15, which means all of the Samples in the Kit can be played together.
  • Input Quantize – This setting is only accessible in Plugin Mode and is not displayed when using Arcade as a standalone Application. When Input Quantize is on, any Sample played will wait to start the Sample on a beat with the quantization settings. You can choose what division of the beat the Samples will play. The available subdivisions are 1/16 (sixteenth note), 1/8 (eighth note), 1/4 (quarter note), 1/2 (half note), and Off (turn off quantization). Note: Input quantize requires the DAW transport to be on (by pressing play).
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