Tips & Tricks

Set a Knob Back to Default

To set a control back to its default value, double-click or option+click the knob.


Fine Tune a Parameter

Hold Command or Control+click to fine tune a parameter’s value.


Setting a Macro Range

Set the Macro slider to full value (pushed all the way up) before you begin dialing in the range. This way, you’ll see the exact value readout of where the knob will sit when the macro is pushed to full value as you dial in the range.


Assigning Macro to Modulation

Modulation levels can be managed via Macro Control, giving you the ability to blend modulation to taste with a slider. To do so first right-click the knob you wish to assign, and select “Assign Modulation” from the dropdown. Next, right-click again and select “Assign Macro to Modulation” and select which Macro you want to use.

Next, open the Modulation Overview page and adjust the Modulation Amount slider to reflect the minimum Modulation value you wish to have when the Macro is at its lowest value (down). Now that this value is set, adjusting the Macro slider will allow you to set the maximum Modulation value to taste. Adjusting the Macro Amount Slider will allow you to set the overall range and sensitivity.


Zooming In and Out of Sample Waveform

You can zoom in and out of the Waveform View by using the scroll wheel on your mouse. Use the Waveform Overview (the small area above the Waveform View) to navigate around the Waveform View once you’ve zoomed in. A box should appear within the Waveform Overview that indicates the level of zoom and portion of the waveform currently showing in the Waveform View.


Hold/Remove a Specific Sample

Right-clicking on a Sample voice key will show you the following options:

Hold: Once a Sample is triggered, it will continue playing till the same key is pressed again – this can be toggled from the Sample Edit page or by right-clicking again on the same key.

Remove Sample: Removes the current sample from the Sample Voice


Moving User Sample's Location

Moving User Samples to a different location after having imported to ARCADE will bring up a samples missing window next time ARCADE is loaded. Just follow the steps on the prompt to point ARCADE to the new location and you’ll be all set!


Resizable GUI

Make Arcade easier on the eyes by rescaling the size of the interface to your liking. Go as big or small as you need!

Note: If you’re in Logic Pro, please try dragging it from the ‘Stop’ squared button on the bottom right corner. You can also try resetting the window. Please go to the Dashboard Menu > on the top corner, Click ‘Reset Window Size’ and it goes back to normal.


Move & Copy Samples Around the Keyboard

To swap Samples simply drag and drop them on top of any other key on the keyboard. If you would prefer to copy a Sample instead of swapping, simply hold down the alt or option key, click and hold on the edit button, and drag it where you want to place it. You can also copy and swap effects on the mixer page.


Manual Entry of Parameters

You can now type in parameter values using your computer’s keyboard for more manual control over parameters. Simply double-click on the value for the parameter you want to change and type in a new value, then click enter!


Apply A Setting to Multiple Sample

To do so, hold down command (or control on a PC) and click on the bottom of each key that you want to be linked. Now that you have your selection, you can click on “edit” at the bottom of a selected key and adjust the parameter that you want them to share. You can now right-click on the parameter and select “apply to selected keys”

You can also hold down shift, click the bottom of one key, then, while still holding shift, click the bottom of another key. This will select all of the keys in between and allow you to edit them all at once.

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