Output Support

Stereo Delay

The Stereo Delay allows you to add delay effects to your sounds by duplicating the signal and playing it back later in time.


Stereo Delay Controls:

  1. Ping Pong / Stereo: Toggle between delay types. Stereo is a traditional delay, while Ping Pong delays "ping pong" between each speaker (left - right - left - right)
  2. Host Sync/Free – Toggle on/off whether you want delay taps to follow host BPM.
  3. Time – Set the delay time in bar divisions from eight bars to 1/64T (sync) or 1ms-5sec (free).
  4. Feedback – Set the amount of repetitions for each delay tap.
  5. HP – Set the cutoff frequency of a lowpass filter on each delay output.
  6. LP – Set the cutoff frequency of a highpass filter on each delay output.
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