Editing Modifiers


Arcade's Modifiers are tools to help you reimagine Samples with the press of a key. Arcade contains three different Modifiers: Resequence, Playhead, and Repeater.

Modifier Edit Page

To edit modifiers, open the Tweak page and click Modifier Edit in the top menu. 


Click the Modifier name to open a dropdown menu allowing you to change Modifier types. The X in the top right corner will close the Modifier Edit Menu.

Release Modes

Release Modes determine where the Sample playback resumes when you let go of the modifier. All three modifier types share the same Release Modes.


Release Modes Explained:

  • Timeline Follow – Playback continues from where it would have been, had the Modifier not been triggered. This is position is indicated by the grey secondary playback indicator as a modifier is played. 
  • Note On – Playback continues from the location in the Sample where the Modifier was initially triggered. 
  • Note Off – Playback continues from the location the last set by the Modifier as it’s released.


ARCADE features sub-presets for modifiers, FX modules, and modulation sources. Click the dots next to the module name to access sub-presets for a given module.


Sub-Preset Copy & Paste:

Sub-presets can be saved, copied, and pasted across layers and sends. Since presets are specific to a given Modifier, copy and pasting these sub-presets will paste the entire modifier onto a new key.


Check out this video to learn some tips & tricks about 'Sub-Presets':

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