Output Support

FX Sends

ARCADE features two FX Sends that can be used to send the signal from a Loop to the two available Send Buses.



Use the slider to dial in the total amount of the signal you wish to send to either FX Send 1 or 2. These controls can also be macro assigned and/or modulated.


Use the toggle switch above Send 1 or 2 to switch between Pre or Post.


Pre sends the audio signal before the volume control. In other words, the volume knob is added into the signal chain after the FX send.


Note: Sending a Loop into a Send Bus while the volume is at ‘-inf’ and then setting a filter or reverb effect with Dry/Wet fully Wet will create an “in-series” FX chain.


Post sends the audio signal after the volume control. This means the volume of the Loop will control how much will be sent to the send FX bus.


Note: This is useful for sending an audio signal to a reverb effect: as the volume of the Loop is decreased, so is the amount sent to the reverb effect.


By default all 15 Loops are routed to the Master Bus or main stereo output. If desired they can also be routed to one or both FX Send Buses for extra FX and processing, either serially or in parallel.


There are two effects inserts available per FX Send 1 and 2, and four effects slots for the Master Bus.


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