FX Sends

ARCADE features two FX Sends that can be used to send signal from a Sample to the two available Send Busses:


Use the slider to dial in the total amount of signal you wish to send to either FX Send. These controls can also be macro assigned and/or modulated.

Pre / Post Toggle:

The Pre / Post toggle switches control whether signal is sent before or after the volume knob:

Pre sends the audio signal before the volume control. Changing the volume of the Sample will not impact how much signal is delivered to the FX Send.

Tip: Sending a Loop into a Send Bus while the volume is at ‘-inf’ and then setting a filter or reverb effect with Dry/Wet fully Wet will create an “in-series” FX chain.

Post sends the audio signal after the volume control. The Sample's Volume knob will impact how much signal will be sent to the send FX bus.

Tip: This is useful for sending an audio signal to a reverb effect: as the volume of the Loop is decreased, so is the amount sent to the reverb effect.

Assigning Effects in the Mixer:

Arcade features 2 FX slots per Send channel. These are adjusted via the Mixer:


Mixer Controls:

Click the dropdown arrow on the right side of the effect slot allows to choose different effects. Click the effect name to edit parameters for that effect.

Click the power button to enable/disable an FX slot. Double-click the Send name (underneath 'send 1') to rename the Send.

Volume and Pan knobs allow you to control the wet signal from the Send's output, while the M button underneath the meter allows you to mute each Send.

Learn more about Arcade's effects here.

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