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PORTAL Offline Activation

Please follow these instructions if you'd like to use PORTAL in an offline computer. 

1. Click the 'Activate Offline' button. 

IMPORTANT-PC USERS: before clicking, you must make sure that your machine is offline in the exact state that you plan to use PORTAL (i.e. disconnect/disable all network cables/NICs that will be disconnected/disabled when you use PORTAL).

2. Click 'Copy'

3. Visit https://output.com/activate, paste the code that was copied in step 1 into the 'enter activation code' field

4. Paste your PORTAL serial code into the top field, click submit.

5. Your browser will download a .key file. Transfer this file to your offline machine using a portable hard drive.

6. In PORTAL, click 'Browse' on step 2 and select the .key file which was transferred to your offline machine in the previous step.

That's it! Remove and reload PORTAL from your channel and you will be all set. Please note, PORTAL can only be activated on four computers. If you would like to remove PORTAL from one of your computers, please send us a chat message via our support page. 

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