Using Your Own Samples In ARCADE

One of ARCADE's most exciting features is the ability to load in your own sounds. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Create a new Sampler Kit:
    1. Click the ellipses in the Kit name
    2. Select Create new Sampler Kit from the dropdown menu
  2. Locate the sound file on your computer.
    • Arcade does not make its own copy of your Sample, so ensure the file is stored in a permanent location.
  3. Drag the file onto any Sample key on Arcade’s keyboard.
    • You can drag multiple sound files onto the keyboard
    • You can also add Samples directly to the Your Stuff section of the Browser
    • The supported audio formats are the following: wav, aif, aiff, mp3, flac.
    • We do not support Apple Loops file format, aac, mp4, or m4a at the moment.
  4. Arcade will analyze the tempo and key of any Sample you add.
  5. Review and edit the tempo, key, and time signature to ensure your sound plays back at the correct settings.
    • We recommend only modifying these settings if Arcade incorrectly reads that information
    • You can disable the Sync button if you don't want your Sample to follow Arcade's tempo

Once a Sample is mapped into a key it can be further manipulated by Effects, Macros, and Modulation. Additionally, the Sample Edit page houses controls for looping, reverse playback, and tuning.

Locating Samples in the Browser

You can see all of Your Samples by clicking the silhouette icon on the left-hand side of the Browser and navigating to the Your Stuff tab. You can also add Samples directly to this page.

Note: Some Windows 10 systems running Pro Tools as an administrator won’t allow you to drag audio files from the desktop into the app or plugins. Run Pro Tools as a normal user to avoid this issue.

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