Arcade includes a compressor with sidechain control. Compressors are used to control the dynamic range of a given signal.


Compressor Controls:

  • Attack/Release: Sets the time (in ms) for the onset and decay of compression.
  • Threshold: Sets the volume (in dB) at which compression begins.
  • Ratio: Sets the ratio of input/output level.
  • Makeup: Adjust the signal level to compensate for any gain reduction.
  • Sidechain: Toggles sidechain on/off.
  • Sidechain Key: Selects which Sample Key or Layer feeds into the sidechain compressor input.
  • Input: Adjust gain amount of sidechain.
  • Filter On/Off & LP/HP: Toggle filter Low Pass/High Pass for the Side chain signal.
  • Cutoff: Sets the cutoff frequency of the sidechain filter.
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