Waveform View & Loop Markers

The Waveform View displays the waveform of the Sample. The black line with triangular symbols are known as the Sample Start and Sample End markers, and the white line with semi-circular symbols are known as the Loop Start and Loop End markers. Both stereo and mono signals will appear as a single waveform.


To move the Sample Start/End and Loop Start/End markers, simply click and drag the pointer to the desired point within the waveform timeline. You can double click the sample start marker to automatically snap to the Loop Start marker.

You can zoom in and out of the Waveform View by using the scroll wheel on your mouse. Use the Waveform Overview (the small area above the Waveform View) to navigate around the Waveform View once you’ve zoomed in. A box will appear within the Waveform Overview indicating the level of zoom and portion of the waveform currently shown in the Waveform View.


When the Snap To power button is turned on, Sample Start/End and Loop Start/End points will all snap to a Waveform View grid lines as you drag them. There are two ways to snap markers in place: Grid and Transient. You can choose between two Snap modes using the dropdown menu to the right of the Snap To power button.


Grid is selected by default and will set the grid lines to a beat division. You can change the subdivisions of the Waveform View gridlines by clicking on the dropdown menu to the right of the Grid selection. The range is from 1 Bar to 1/64 D.

In Transient snap mode, ARCADE will place grid markers at various transients within the waveform. You can then move the Start/End and Loop Start/End points to any of the detected transients. Move the transient sensitivity slider to the left in order to make transient detection less sensitive, and move it to the right for more sensitivity.

When Snap To is turned off, Sample Start/End and Loop Start/End points will all move freely and will not snap to any beat divisions or transients.

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