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How To Install Your Instrument Using Output Hub


Getting started on setting up your instrument can be easily accomplished by following the guide provided below.


There are 2 main points to getting started with your instrument:

  • Download and Installation are handled by the Output Hub. Hub will download, unpack, and organize all of your instruments files in the location of your choice.
  • Activation is handled by Native Access. You will use your instrument serial code for activation. (Please take note of Native Access's system requirements to match that of your system)


1. Open the Output Hub and log in to your account. Afterward, select "Download" for your instrument and choose the location of where you wish your instrument to be installed. Once the download begins, be sure not to move, rename, access, or modify any of the files in any way until the installation is 100% complete. (Keep note of this location for later)


2. After your instrument is downloaded and installed, please open Native Access and log in to your account. (If you do not have an account for Native Access, please create an account on Native Instruments website) After logging in, please go to the 'Not Installed' section, where you'll find the free KONTAKT 6 PLAYER, ready to be installed. (If you already have Kontakt installed, you can skip this and continue to the next step.)


3. In the top left-hand corner, locate and click on, 'Add a serial'. From there, you'll be prompted with a new screen where you can copy and paste your instrument's serial code provided to you in your downloads page. To complete this step, click on the 'ADD SERIAL' button located to the bottom right-hand corner. 



4. Great! You have successfully registered your serial code to your account. The next step is to click the "VIEW PRODUCTS NOT INSTALLED" button in the bottom right-hand corner.




5. In the "Not Installed" section, you will see your instrument with the option to "Install"DO NOT select install as this will re-download your instrument again in Native Access, but rather, hover your mouse over the "Install" option to see a magnifying glass to select.



6. Select the magnifying glass and this will allow Native Access to locate an installed instrument. Please select "Browse" and set the file path to where you had previously downloaded and installed your instrument from the Output Hub. Once set, select the "Install" button and Native Access will recognize your product is already installed and set the file path. Afterward, your product should show "Installed" with a green checkmark and also display under the "Installed Products" section.


Following these steps should successfully download, install, and activate your instruments! To confirm this, you can open Kontakt as a standalone application and see your newly installed instrument to load. If you have also purchased expansion packs for your engines, you can now install them the Output Hub now that your file path is set correctly for Native Access and the Hub.


We recommend performing a "Batch Re-Save" for your instruments for faster loading times. For instructions on this, please check out the guide HERE.


If you are running into issues with the Output Hub, you are also able to download, install, and activate your instruments from Native Access alone. Please check out the guide in this article about how to do so.


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