Output Creator (Beta) FAQs

What is Output Creator?

Output Creator is a modern music creation tool designed to get you into the creative flow quickly and make incredible-sounding music no matter your background or experience. You can get started and create music in minutes.


How much does Output Creator (Beta) cost? 

Output Creator is free to use and does not require a payment method on file to download and start making music.


Do I need a DAW to use Output Creator?

No, you do not need a DAW. Output Creator has everything you need to create music.


Who owns the music I create using Output Creator? 

You do. 100% of everything you create is royalty-free and owned by you.


Can I record audio with Output Creator?

This feature is not currently available.


How many tracks can I add to each project?

You can have a total of 6 stereo tracks from a large selection of curated Kits. This means you can have up to 90 unique samples in each song.


Can I add custom samples to my project? 

This ability is currently beyond the capabilities of Output Creator.


Can I move my content folder to an external drive? 

No. The content folder stored in the default location must remain in that location and cannot be moved. 


Where can I submit feedback for Output Creator? 

Whether you wish Output Creator could do something that isn't available, you have found a bug, or something went wrong, you can submit a support ticket at support.output.com or email us at support@output.com. Since this is a beta version, we want to hear it all - What we've done right, what we can improve on, and what features or functionality you think should come next. 

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