Prompt Tips & Tricks

Here is a crash course on prompting for Co-Producer’s Pack Generator.


Tip #1: Describe the vibe.

You likely have a specific vibe in mind when generating a sample. Use a combination of genres, moods, instruments, and descriptive phrases with musical and emotional terms.

 Examples: “90s grunge rock with female lead vocals." "modern day lo-fi hip-hop with cinematic background strings," "uplifting progressive house with melodic 80's synth stabs."

Tip #2: Illustrate instruments

Add specific adjectives in your prompt to illustrate how you want instruments to sound. This will help Pack Generator create a sample that best fits your needs.

 Examples: groovy bass lines, aggressive punk drums, plucky acoustic guitar, melodic reggaeton piano


Tip #3: Include Key + BPM

Setting the key and tempo will ensure that your sample packs fit within an existing track you’re working on or help you set the parameters for a new track. Try to stick to BPM settings that fit the genre you’re going for.

 Example: “140bpm slapping bass in C Major with bright funk guitar riffs," “dark melodic techno in G minor with chopped vocals in 128bpm," "latin guitar infused with percussion in G# Major and simple drums 110bpm."


Tip #4: Tweak + Re-generate

Have a prompt you think is great, but the results aren’t quite what you imagined? Try re-generating 4 new sample packs. Pack Generator’s AI is constantly learning and improving, so typically giving it 2-4 tries to get it right will do the trick. 


Share your feedback and ideas

As always, we want to hear from you! Join our community Discord to see what other creators are prompting in Co-Producer’s Pack Generator. Tell us your thoughts on what’s going well, and how it can improve.

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