Frequently Asked Questions

What is Co-Producer?

Co-Producer is a tool to help spark inspiration and kickstart your song writing process. Type in a prompt and we'll give you 4 original royalty free music ideas for you to edit in your DAW.

How does Co-Producer work?

Type in a prompt and we'll give you 4 original, royalty free music ideas. Download the mix or stems to your DAW and edit however you like.

How much does Co-Producer cost?

Co-Producer is free to use right now.

Are the stems, mixes copyright / royalty free?

All the stems, mixes are copyright/royalty free. See our Terms for more info.

How do I make a good prompt?

You can try suggesting emotions, music for an event or occasion, a band or artist you like or a mashup, describe genres or go wild and come up with something no one's ever heard. You can speak in musical terms or plain language.

How does the technology work?

Co-Producer AI curates, combines and often re-synthesizes samples from our meticulously crafted royalty free library to generate entirely unique sample packs. The model only utilizes our library of sounds.


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