I Received A "Failed Installation" Error on Mac


macOS 13 Ventura Failed Installations

Check the following settings: Go to System Preferences > Privacy & Security then scroll down to Security. Make sure option  "App Store and Identified Developers" is enabled.

Next, scroll up to Files and Folders and expand the Installer field. Make sure all available folders are enabled. You will only be able to install a file from these folders. If all you see is Documents, move your Arcade installer to the Documents folder and try to install again. This should resolve your issue. 




macOS 12 or Older Failed Installations:

  1. Restart your computer
  2. Download the installer again, this time using a different web browser (also please try Incognito/Private mode)
  3. Drag the .zip file to your desktop
  4. Unzip and run the installer from your desktop


When troubleshooting installations, please consider the following:

  1. What are your computer's specifications? (Total and available storage, memory, processor speed, OS version)?
  2. Are you installing Arcade in the default location or a custom location? You must install Arcade (and FX) in the default location. This is required.
  3. Are you on an administrator account on your computer?
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