Sometimes we may have issues with our Output Hub and if you need your expansion installed, we offer a manual installation using the Output Unarchiver.

This may look difficult, but rest assured it's very simple!

(For this example, we will use our engine Exhale and the expansion "Indie Vocals")

Let's begin by downloading the expansion "Indie Vocals" from your account by logging in on our website here

After logging in, select the section "Downloads" and look for category "Instrument Expansions".

To see a list of the expansions you currently own, you can select "Show Owned Expansions".

To start installing an expansion, let's select "Start Installing Expansions".

 Step 1 will be displayed and ask you to download the Output Unarchiver tool for your operating system (Mac or Windows). Please download the correct one for you and afterward select "Go to step 2".

Step 2 will ask you to download your expansions, as mentioned before, we will be downloading "Indie Vocals" for this example, so let's download that. Be sure to note, it states to NOT UNZIP after downloading the expansion. Continue to Step 3 afterward. 

Step 3 will then ask you to carefully place your zip file you downloaded into your containing folder for your engine. 

As stated, please locate the folder your engine (REV, SIGNAL, ANALOG STRINGS, etc) is located in. If you used the Native Access to download and install your engine and did not set up a custom file path, the default file path is set to 

  • Mac: Macintosh HD > Users > Shared 
  • Windows: C: > Users > Public > Documents

If you have trouble finding this folder, you can open any Finder window and select "Go" and "Computer"

This will take you to where you need to go to follow the file path above. Below is an example of the file path structure on where to find the "Shared" folder:

In the "Shared" folder, you should see your installed engine folder(s).

With the unzipped expansion file (Indie Vocals), please place them in this "Shared" folder and NOT in the "Exhale" folder (as the "Shared" folder is the containing folder of your engine).

Afterward, please open the "Output Unarchiver" and select "Locate Folder". Locate the "Shared" folder (as the containing folder) that was shown above. The Output Unarchiver will then unzip the zipped expansion file and place everything where it needs to go!

Please then open Kontakt as a standalone and open your engine to run a SCAN. You should then see your expansion presets to load!

If you are not sure how to SCAN for presets, please take a look at the article provided below: