Optimize Loading Time with Batch Resave

You may find that your Output instrument takes some time to load in Kontakt. After adding you new Output instrument into Kontakt for the first time, we strongly suggest that you Batch Re-save your new instrument. This way, the instrument will load lightning fast each time (Don't worry! It's not as scary as it sounds, and you only need to do it once).

1. Open Kontakt.

2. Drop the 'file' (floppy disk icon) menu within the Kontakt window and select batch-resave.


3. Select yes when the dialog box appears

4. Browse to the library folder (i.e. 'REV' or 'Signal') on your computer and choose it.

It might take a few minutes for Kontakt to complete the batch resave. When it finishes, Kontakt will look blank. Load the .nki back into Kontakt either by dragging or double clicking.