Questions on SIGNAL? Bring it.

Q. I installed my expansion pack, but I can't see it. What's going on!?
A. Have you scanned for new presets? Here's how you do it:

  1. Open up SIGNAL. Click the preset "001. Soo Epic" at the top of the screen; this will bring up the preset page.
  2. Check out the column of presets at the bottom right. See the scan button in the corner?
  3. Click the scan button, and then double-click "--- SCAN ---.nka". This will scan the Signal folder for new presets.

Still having problems? Check out our expansion installation page, or watch a video guide here.

Q. SIGNAL is epic! Can I add my own samples to it?
A. Output Engines are not designed to offer users the ability to add their own samples. That being said, it is technically possible to add your own samples with a decent knowledge of Kontakt's inner workings (and the paid version of Kontakt). Output does not support this or offer any additional advice on the subject, but you're welcome to give it a try!

Q. Is there a Demo version of SIGNAL? 
A. You have keen ears. You're talking about SIGNAL Free: think of it of a taste of what SIGNAL has to offer. You can download it here; there's also a sweet chart on that page that compares SIGNAL Free's features with the paid version.

Q. So SIGNAL keeps disappearing from my Kontakt libraries... is it supposed to do that?
A. Uh, no. That's a rare problem that pops up occasionally on Mac machines; send us a support ticket, and we'll help you get things running again!

Q. I've got a lot more questions for you. Does SIGNAL have a user's manual or something?
A. Absolutely it does! You can download it here. Also, have you tried out our built in help menu? Just press the "?" button at the top right of SIGNAL to bring up a bunch of helpful hints!