Very sorry to hear about this. Please check to see if you're using a firewall which may be blocking your DAW's access to the internet. If so, please enable access to the internet.

If this isn't the case, please reach out to our support team with detailed steps on how you get the crash to happen, and they will be happy to help from there.

Mac only (PC instructions further below): You can get a crash report by opening the Mac Utility App called 'Console,' then navigate to 'User Reports' on the side navigation and locate the '.crash' file that starts with the name of your DAW (for example 'Logic Pro X'). The crash files are labelled by date and time, with the most recent appearing on the bottom of the list. So if you can reproduce the crash, then grab the subsequent crash report and send it over, that will be very helpful! Here's a screen shot of what Console > User Reports looks like when you find the crash report:

Both Mac and PC: Lastly, if allowing internet access in your DAW didn't do the trick, please send us your log file. To do this, please open the ARCADE plugin and go to the Menu tab. From there, please click Account > Generate Logs which will create a zip folder on your computer. Once you have this ready, click on the "Help" icon of the support page to submit a ticket, and we will be in touch to help further. 

Still have questions? Please click on the “Help” icon on the bottom right corner of this page to submit a ticket, and our team will follow up to assist!