Whether you activate offline or online, MOVEMENT needs to reference a valid (non-zero) MAC address on your computer. A MAC address is a unique ID number associated with the hardware component of your computer that connects to the internet (also referred to as an NIC). The list of MAC addresses shown by your computer changes at any time depending on the physically connected NICs. Before attempting to activate offline, please ensure that your PC is showing a valid MAC address. If your PC is not showing a valid MAC address from the beginning of the process, offline activation will not work. An invalid MAC address will look like a string of zeros.

You can view your PC's MAC addresses by opening command prompt and typing: ipconfig/all then pressing the Enter key. The code listed as 'Physical Address' is your MAC address.

For example, if you do not have a WIFI card and can only access the internet on your PC via an Ethernet cable, your computer will show a certain MAC address when the Ethernet cable is plugged in (regardless of whether or not the NIC is technically enabled or disabled by your operating system). In this example, if you unplug the Ethernet cable, you technically don't have a MAC address (at least for the purposes of activating MOVEMENT).

In this case, you'll need to have your Ethernet cable plugged into your PC in order to activate MOVEMENT. This doesn't technically mean that you must be online or have the Ethernet port enabled. You can disable your Ethernet port as an NIC (effectively making yourself offline) but still have your Ethernet cable physically connected so your PC shows a valid MAC address.

Once you've ensured that your offline PC is showing a MAC address, proceed with the steps to activate MOVEMENT offline.