Let's have you use the manual download method to download our Engines. Here's what to do next: 

  1. Log into your Output account, click on the Downloads tab.
  2. Click 'Download' right next to your product and you'll receive an email containing instructions for manual installation.

Note - the manual download links are set to expire after a few hours for security purposes. If you find that the manual links have expired, please repeat steps above in order to receive new links with refreshed expiration date. If you don't immediately find the manual links email, be sure to check your junk, spam, promotions, etc

After Receiving The Email:

  • Make sure your browser keeps the zip files unopened when downloading.

Here's how to change your Safari settings to keep the zip files unopened. (Skip these steps if it doesn't apply)

  1. Open Safari
  2. Click Preferences
  3. Under the General tab, uncheck the option Open “safe” files after downloading

This will let you download the compressed zip files! You can change your Safari settings back to the way it was if you'd like.

  • Click each link to begin downloading the individual files to your Downloads folder.
  • After downloading the unopened zip files, move them manually to a new folder on your Desktop (you could call this folder “Output Instruments”, for instance). For Expansion Packs, move the .zip file to the containing folder of the product library folder (for example, if you keep EXHALE on your Desktop, move the manually downloaded Indie Vocals .zip file to your Desktop, not the EXHALE folder itself).

  • Download & run the Output Unarchiver Tool. Click here to download for Mac, click here for Windows 64 bit, click here for Windows 32 bit

You can give the Output Unarchiver Tool permission to use it: 

System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General > Allow apps downloaded from: Mac App Store and identified developers or Anywhere

  • After this, open Output Unarchiver Tool and click the Locate Folder button and choose the new folder on your Desktop (“Output Instruments”, for example).

The Unarchiver will continue to unpack the manually downloaded .zip files into a full product folder. You can then move this anywhere you'd like and proceed with your product installation and activation.


For Activation:

You can now open Kontakt and choose your EXHALE folder to install on Kontakt.

Please reference 1:00 and onwards in this video, to activate and install EXHALE on your Kontakt.