The key to successfully installing an Expansion Pack is selecting the proper location when downloading. Once you've logged into Output Hub you can click the "+Expansions" tab underneath the corresponding Engine tab in Hub. Click "Download" and select the Parent Folder of your Library folder - Do Not Select the Library folder itself.

For example, if you're installing Barely Vocals and your EXHALE folder is stored on your desktop, you'll want to select "Desktop" instead of your EXHALE folder.

Once the download is complete you can load EXHALE and click the Scan button near the preset menu. This will adjust the preset menu and you'll see "---SCAN---.nka" appear at the top. Double click this to perform the scan and you'll see your new Expansion presets at the end of the menu once the scan is complete.

Please note: for MOVEMENT expansions simply download the expansion installer to your desktop and double click it to run. Next time you open MOVEMENT the presets will be at the bottom of your preset menu.

Please check out the following video for a complete walkthrough of the process:

If you've purchased Engines from the Native Instruments website and purchased Expansion Packs from our website, a different method is needed for installing the Expansion Packs. Please click here for more information.