We're sorry to hear about the trouble. This is an issue we're aware of on some Windows systems and we're working to fix it in a forthcoming update. In the meantime please temporarily disable your antivirus software when downloading Hub. Once the download is finished you can reactivate your antivirus software. This should solve this problem. If it does not, you can still use Manual Links to download your Output gear.

Here's what to do next:

1. Log into your Output account, click on the Downloads tab.
2. Paste the serial code for the product that you'd like to download via manual links
3. Click 'Submit' and you'll receive an email containing instructions for manual installation.

Note - the manual download links are set to expire after a few hours for security purposes. If you find that the manual links have expired, please repeat steps 1-3 above in order to receive new links with refreshed expiration date. If you don't immediately find the manual links email, be sure to check your junk, spam, promotions, etc. Please let me know how this goes!