Arcade is telling me "We Have Found A Critical Error in your Content"

This article applies to users who have previously installed Arcade 2.0 or higher, then downgraded to version 1.6 or lower. We’ve identified an issue that could affect your ability to download and load Kits after updating to 2.0 again.

This issue is resolved by performing either sending us your Arcade database file to check it and fix it if applicable.  Otherwise, a clean reinstallation of Arcade will fix the issue. This article will guide you through both processes. 

*** Please note that performing this process will delete your custom kits and all previously downloaded content ***

How To Reinstall Arcade

To perform a clean reinstallation of Arcade, please follow the steps outlined in this article.

While your previously downloaded content will be deleted, you will be able to re-download the content that was in use in your projects. Please reference this article for guidance on how to do so.

Resolving This Issue Without Deleting Content

If you would like to avoid losing your custom kits and downloaded content, our team is able to provide a manual fix for this specific issue. For this, we ask that you please:

  1. Submit a ticket to our team by clicking the "Submit A Request" button at the top right corner of this page.     
  2. Attach your Arcade local.db to the submission form at the bottom. You can locate the local.db file in your computer at the following folder locations:
    • macOS: Startup Disk (main hard drive) > Library > Application Support > Output > Arcade > local.db
    • Windows: C:\ProgramData\Output\Arcade\local.db 

*Please note this is a hidden folder on Windows, to enable hidden folders please follow this article: View hidden files and folders in Windows

Once you send over your local.db file, our team will reach back out with an updated local.db including the fix, and with further instructions.

We appreciate your patience during this process.

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