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Using External Storage With Output Instruments

This article details the process for using external storage devices with your Output Kontakt Instruments.

Storing Kontakt Instruments Externally

You can move your Kontakt engines to an External Drive after downloading. We recommended you first download to your main drive to help prevent download errors.

Once your download is complete, do the following:

  1. Open Output Hub
  2. Navigate to the first instrument on your product list
  3. Click Update Location
  4. Click Choose
  5. Find and highlight your Instrument Folder
  6. Click Install here
  7. Repeat for any additional engines

Note: It is important that this is done before activating the instrument inside Native Access.

Expansion Packs

Once you have updated your instrument's location in Output Hub you can successfully install expansion packs to that location. Expansion Packs are the primary reason it is important to update your instrument's location within Hub.

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