Re-downloading and Re-linking Arcade to your Project (Samples Missing Error)

In the case where you lost your Arcade content you can use this method to re-download and relink your Arcade content on a per-project basis.  Please note this will not work for Custom or User Kits.

To re-download and link your Arcade content after your clean re-install, please follow these steps:

  1. Load your session with Arcade into your DAW.
  2. Open a track containing ARCADE - you will receive a "Samples Missing" notification
  3. The kit name you used on each particular track will be shown at the top of the ARCADE window where it would usually be displayed.
  4. Go to the search page ๐Ÿ” to search for and download the missing Kit.  Repeat as needed until all kits on that project are downloaded.
  5. Quit out of the session without saving.
  6. Re-open the session.  It should play back normally now!

Alternatively, if you remember the kits or lines you used, you can download them in Arcade with your DAW closed, then when you reopen your project, it should be play back normally as long as all of the kits have been redownloaded by the time you open it.

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