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Loading Arcade in Logic Pro X

This article demonstrates how to load Arcade in Logic Pro X:

  1. Open up your Logic project
  2. Click the icon above the track headers
  3. Select Software Instrument as the track type
  4. Click the instrument slot, then navigate down to AU Instruments > Output > Arcade
  5. Click Create



If you're unable to load Arcade in Logic Pro X the first step we recommend is restarting your computer.

If restarting your computer doesn't solve the issue, we recommend rescanning your plugins. To automatically rescan all installed plug-ins, remove the Audio Unit cache file:

  1. In the Finder, press Option and choose Go > Library.
  2. In the Finder window, go to Library/Caches/AudioUnitCache.
  3. Move the files from AudioUnitCache folder to the Desktop. 
  4. Restart the computer, then open Logic Pro. All installed Audio Units plug-ins will be rescanned.

Check your audio output device in Logic preferences

Make sure the current settings will route to your speakers or headphones. This is done by navigating to Logic Pro X > Preferences > Audio > I/O assignments > Output. 

This Apple Support article offers greater details.

Check the audio output routing for the Arcade track 

Verify that there are no other muted or soloed channels and that there’s a clear path to the master output bus.

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