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Subscribing To Arcade

ARCADE is an internet-connected software plugin that requires an active subscription. In order to subscribe, please visit output.com/arcade.

You will be asked to login or create an account and fill in your payment information. Your credit card can be updated at any time and won’t be charged until the free trial has expired.

Free Trial:

Upon subscribing to ARCADE you will enter into a free trial period during which you will have access to all of the features and content of the product without limitations. Once your free trial has expired, you will be charged in accordance with the plan you selected at signup (Monthly or Yearly).

Yearly subscriptions bill once at the end of your free trial and provide access for one year from the bill date. Monthly subscriptions bill at the end of your free trial and will continue to bill every 30 days until the subscription is canceled.

To cancel your subscription visit the subscriptions tab at output.com/account.

Additional Notes:

  • Access to Arcade is revoked immediately upon cancellation and does not persist through the duration of the current billing period.
  • Only one free trial may be redeemed per user. If you have previously begun a free trial, you will be charged immediately upon signup.
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