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Distortion Box

The Distortion Box is a module with 3 different distortion types, Clip, Overdrive, and Crunch introducing different types of harmonic distortion and frequencies for mild or extreme effects. It also features a High Pass and Low pass filter at the end to tame those extreme low or high frequencies.

Here’s what the 3 distortion types do:

  1. Clip – Controls the amount of gain applied to the signal. You can choose from SoftHardFold.
    1. Soft: Clipping in which the signal is reduced when it hits a threshold (in a similar manner as a limiter).
    2. Hard: Clipping in which a signal is cut off when it hits a threshold. This creates distortion with higher frequencies.
    3. Fold: Foldback distortion, which is caused by a signal being inverted when it hits a certain threshold.
  2. Overdrive – Controls the amount of gain applied to the signal.
  3. Crunch – Applies distortion with more emphasis on the high frequencies.
  • HP/LP: If the signal becomes too bottom or high heavy due to extreme distortion, use this filter to mold the distortion to your liking.


Note: For FL Studio users, if you hear too much distortion when using the Clip distortion (to the point where the signal is still distorting at 0% wetness), you can do the following:

  • Go to ‘Detailed settings’ > ‘VST wrapper settings’ > Enable ‘Use fixed-size buffers’ > Select ‘Yes’ at the prompt.


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