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Repeater pretty much does what it sounds like…but also quite a bit more. In essence, it repeats a segment of the Loop according to the set Repeat Rate. You can also play the repeats in reverse, sequence the volume of each repeat, and lock the repeated area to the neared grid value based on beat division.


Repeat Rate – The Repeat Rate selects the length of audio to be repeated and subsequently the rate at which it will be played back. 

Grid Sync (on/off) & Grid Sync Value – When Grid Sync is activated, the Modifier will wait till the next sync value to repeat the segment based on the Repeat rate. When Grid Sync is enabled, Repeater will always lock in musical time. When disabled, it will start acting immediately.

Step Sequencer – When enabled, Step Sequence allows you to create a pattern of repeats with individual volume control per step. Select the number of steps you want, then adjust the vertical sliders to taste. You’ll find the following additional controls underneath:

  • Pattern Reverse – Reverses the arrangement of the current steps.
  • Invert Steps – Applies the opposite value to each step. Steps at 0 will have a value of 100, steps with a value of 40 will have a value of 60, etc.
  • Randomize – Applies random values to each step.
  • Clear – Clears the current pattern, resetting all values to 100%


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