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Downloading and Playing Kits and Samples

This article teaches you how to download and play Kits and Samples within Arcade.

Downloading Kits

You can navigate to Kits through the Feed, Lines, or Search pages. To download a Kit, hover over the Kit and click Download Kit when prompted:


Downloading Multiple Kits at Once

There are several ways to download all Kits within a single Line. From the Lines page, hover over a Line and click the Download all Kits icon in the middle.


This button also appears on each Line Page next to the name of the Line.

Loading Kits

Once a Kit is downloaded, hover over it and click Play Kit to load it. Even if you navigate away from the Kit interface, the Kit remains loaded until you load a different Kit.

You can always see the name of the currently loaded Kit at the top of Arcade. To return to the Kit interface, click the Kit icon to the left of the Kit name.

Downloading Individual Samples

You can navigate to individual Samples through the Lines or Search pages. To download a Sample, click the Download icon, located to the right of each Sample:


To view Samples already downloaded in Arcade, toggle on Show Downloaded Only, located on the right-hand side.

Loading Individual Samples

Opening a Samples tab will bring up the Arcade keyboard. Once a Sample is downloaded, drag and drop it onto the desired key:

In addition to creating your own Kits, you can drag Samples into existing Kits to replace a sound inside that Kit.
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