Installing and Loading THERMAL

Thermal is an effects plugin - not a software instrument like most other Output products.  

How Do I Install Thermal?

  • To install THERMAL please begin by logging into Output Hub. You can also use the download link in your Output account on the “Downloads” page under “FX Engines”

  • Inside the HUB, click "Download" on the right side of the THERMAL tab and the installer will open automatically to install. (Make sure to install THERMAL on your System Drive, and not another drive that holds your samples.)

How Do I Activate Thermal?

At this point, you can open your DAW (Cubase, for example) and select THERMAL from your FX Plugin menu. This will open the GUI where you can enter your serial code into the field when prompted. (Please ensure there are NO SPACES before and after your serial code)




*If you do not see THERMAL in your plugins section for AU or VST/VST2/VST3, please restart your computer and re-open your DAW.

Your serial code can be located inside the THERMAL tab of Output Hub, or on your Downloads page at under “FX Engines”

  • THERMAL can be activated on up to four (4) computers simultaneously.

  • To activate THERMAL offline, click “Activate Offline” and follow the onscreen instructions.

  • If you do not see THERMAL there, rescan your AU/VST/VST3/AAX plug-ins.

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