Expansion Packs FAQ

Q. Do I need to own an Engine to buy an Expansion?

A. Yes. Each expansion pack is made uniquely for its corresponding ENGINE. It utilizes the ENGINE's resources to play specific sounds. 


Q. What do the expansion packs include?
A. Each expansion pack adds between 100-125 new presets in a given theme.


Q. Do expansion packs contain new audio samples?
A. No - Expansion packs contain new presets, but do not contain additional audio sources. Presets are text files that tell Kontakt which sources and settings to use. 


Q. How do I install an expansion pack?
A. Please refer to this article explaining the installation process.


Q. I just got an expansion pack for SIGNAL. Will this add new presets to REV, too?
A. No, expansion packs are designed specifically for one product. SIGNAL expansions will only work for SIGNAL, and REV expansions will only work for REV.


Q. If I don't like an expansion pack, can I return it?
A. No, we don't offer refunds for our expansion packs.


Q. Why is the download button grayed out?

A. Output Hub will not allow you to download an expansion pack if it detects that the main engine is not currently installed. If you have already installed the engine using Native Access, or recently moved your engine, try a library update.

If you've recently updated or done a re-install of HUB it may not save what you have installed.

To resolve this click the download button, and when prompted, point it to the directory where your library is installed.

Hub will check the file structure of the Library and will shortly display as installed if everything is updated and correct.

For the FX plug-ins, redownload the engine and then cancel out of the installer to make display as installed.

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