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How To Activate Your Instrument Using Native Access

Setting up a new Kontakt instrument can be easily accomplished through Native Access. If you've purchased Analog Brass & Winds, Analog StringsSubstanceExhaleRev X-LoopsSignal, or Rev, we've broken this process down into five easy steps below. Let's get started!


1. Download and launch Native Access

Native Access can be downloaded for free from NI. If you don't have a Native ID account, now is the time to set that up! 

2. Install Kontakt 6 Player

Once you've logged into Native Access, go to the 'Not Installed' section, where you'll find the free KONTAKT 6 PLAYER, ready to be installed. (If you already have Kontakt installed, you can skip this and continue to the next step.)

3. Register your serial code by clicking on, 'Add a serial'

In the top left-hand corner, locate and click on, 'Add a serial'. From there, you'll be prompted with a new screen where you can copy and paste your instrument's serial code provided to you in your downloads page. To complete this step, click on the 'ADD SERIAL' button located to the bottom right-hand corner. 


Great! You have now successfully registered your serial code to your account. The next step is to click the 'VIEW PRODUCTS NOT INSTALLED' button in the bottom right-hand corner. 

5. Locate your library and click 'INSTALL' 

Finally, located your instrument (such as EXHALE) and click on 'INSTALL'. Your download will begin, install, and activate when the process is complete. 


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