Playhead provides alternative speed, direction, and marker positions for all Samples in a Kit. This allows you to perform instant speed changes, reverse turnarounds, or jump to a particular point in a Sample at the press of a key.


Using Playhead

As with Resequence, the marker positions in a Playhead modifier can be different for each Sample, but the rest of the controls are shared across the entire Kit.

Release Controls:

  • Timeline Follow – Playback continues where it would have been had the Modifier not been triggered. This is position is indicated by the grey secondary playback indicator as a modifier is played
  • Note On – Playback continues from the location in the Sample where the Modifier was initially triggered
  • Note Off – Playback continues from the location the last set by the Modifier as it’s released
  • H: Toggles the Hold function, keeping the Modifier engaged without you pressing the key

Grid Controls:

  • Snap To: Toggles whether Playhead and Loop Points will snap to the grid or move freely
  • Grid: Toggle between Grid View and Transient View
  • 1/4: Select Grid resolution

Playhead Controls:

  • Speed – Determines playback speed while the Modifier is active: 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, x1, x2
  • Reverse – Sets playback direction while the Modifier is active
  • Loop – Determines whether or not the Sample will Loop when the Modifier is active
  • Jump to Cue Point (on/off) – Determines whether the Sample will play at the cue point (predetermined sample start) when the Modifier is triggered

See this article for more tips on editing Modifiers.

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