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The Playhead modifier provides alternative speed, direction, and marker positions for all Loops in a Kit. Great for performing quick reverse turnarounds, speed changes, or jumping to a particular point in Loops at the press of a black key.

As with Resequencer, the marker positions in a Playhead modifier can be different for each Loop, but the rest of the controls like speed, direction, loop, and Jump to Cue Point are shared (cannot be different for each Loop in the Kit).


You’ll see the following controls underneath the waveform view:

  • Speed – Determines playback speed while the Modifier is active: 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, x1, x2
  • Reverse – Sets playback direction while the Modifier is active
  • Loop – Determines whether or not the sample will Loop when the Modifier is active(useful for jumping into an ending hit of a drum Loop)
  • Jump to Cue Point (on/off) – Determines whether the Loop will play at the cue point (predetermined sample start) when the Modifier is triggered



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