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The Resequence Modifier allows you to reorder the playback of a loop. You can set up to 16 different markers on a Loop, and sequence through them in an order that you choose.


It may seem complicated, but really all you need to do is set your markers, and setup a sequence.


Step 1: Set your Markers

Each Loop in a Kit will have the same number of markers (per instance), but the position of the markers can vary from Loop to Loop.

Marker Amount – Sets the number of markers (up to 16) via the < > buttons and press OK.
Snap To – Enables/disables the ability for markers to snap to a grid.
Grid – Selects whether to show a grid for beat divisions or transient markers.
Reset Markers – Spaces out the markers evenly across the waveform.
Snap To Closest – Automatically snaps markers to the nearest grid line.


Step 2: Setup a Sequence

The parameters in the sequence section of Resequencer are shared across all Loops in a Kit (per instance of the Resequence modifier).

Steps – Sets the length of your sequence from 1-16 steps.
Step Length – Determines musical duration for all steps. This value will display blank if you choose to have different lengths per step.
Swing – Sets the swing amount based off of the beat division in the dropdown menu below the knob.  (note that swing requires at least two consecutive steps of equal length to be sonically noticeable)

Marker – Assigns the marker that will play when the sequencer reaches the given step. This is essentially how you reorder the playback of your loop.
Mute – Toggles mute for a given step
Volume – Adjusts the Volume per step
Reverse – Toggles whether or not the step will play in reverse
Speed – Selects Step playback speed (½, x1, x2)
Length – Determines the musical duration of the given step
Envelope – Attack and Decay sliders per step

The sequencer itself has the following controls on in the left column:

C – Clears/Resets all steps to their default value
R – Randomizes the values for each step of a given parameter in the sequence.

Tip: Add some swing for consecutive steps and your Loops will never be the same again!


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