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The Keyboard: White & Black Keys

At the bottom of every page in ARCADE, you will see the GUI (Graphical User Interface) Keyboard. 


The Keyboard will be used to play Samples and Modifiers, as explained below.


White Keys (Samples)


When you load a Kit, there will be 15 unique Samples that are loaded into what we call the Sample Voices. These Sample Voices are mapped to the white keys between MIDI notes C2-C4. Combinations of Samples can be played together by playing their corresponding MIDI notes.

To edit the sound of a particular Sample, hover the mouse over the white key in ARCADE’s virtual keyboard that corresponds to the desired Sample Voice and click Edit.

To learn more about editing Samples, click here.


Black Keys (Modifiers)



ARCADE’s black keys, called Modifiers, are designed for performative mangling of Samples. Modifiers are mapped to the black keys between MIDI notes C2-C4.

Holding down a Modifier key will affect any Samples currently triggered or Samples that are triggered while the Modifier is held down.

To learn more about Modifiers, click here.

On the left-hand side of the keyboard you will see buttons to access the Learn, Settings, and Account pages.

On the right-hand side of the keyboard you will see buttons to access ARCADE’s MixerMacro OverviewModulation Overview, and Kit Playback pages:


To learn more about how to use these, check out the Mixer section, the Macro Overview section, and the Modulation section

On the right-hand side of the keyboard, you’ll see ARCADE’s master volume fader, as well as a global stop button.

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