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Lines, Kits, and Samples

What are Lines?

Lines are collections of sounds that fit a common theme and musical purpose. Each Line contains a curated set of Kits and Samples designed to fit a musical theme.


For instance, the Drum Sesh Line consists of live drum sounds, the Toys Line has obscure, playful musical instruments, while Field of Sounds consists of all ‘found sounds.’

In addition to adding new Kits and Samples to Arcade every day, we also release new Lines from time to time.

What are Kits?

Think of Kits as Arcade's presets. Arcade features two types of Kits: Samplers, and Instruments.

A Kit is a collection of sounds, along with a series of tools for manipulating those sounds. Macros and Modifiers are curated for each Kit to help augment and customize the sound to your liking.

Samplers include 15 different samples, in the form of loops, spread across the white keys between C2-C4 on your MIDI Keyboard. When you play a loop, it will play the sample on a given key, then replay (loop) for as long as 

Instruments include a single playback source with up to three source layers, and is laid out chromatically across the entire keyboard.

All Kits within a Line are setup to have a similar combination of Macro controls, Modulation, Effects, and Modifiers. This makes it easy to switch through Kits in a Line.

What are Samples?

Samples are the basic building blocks of Arcade. A Sample is a clip of prerecorded audio. Arcade's Samplers play selections of these clips back according to the tempo and key of your current session.


Your ARCADE subscription gives you unlimited access to download every Sample we offer royalty-free (please see our Terms of Use for full details).  You can also use your own Samples in ARCADE by dragging and dropping them onto the interface.

New Content:

We’re always adding fresh content to ARCADE. When we have new Lines, Kits, or Samples, you’ll see a yellow New label like this:

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