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How To Install Your Instrument Using Output Hub


This article details the process for downloading and activating your Output Instruments using Output Hub.

Getting Started

  • Download and Installation are handled by Output Hub.
    • Hub will download, unpack, and organize all of your instruments files in the location of your choice.
  • Activation is handled by Native Access.
    • You will use your serial code for activation.

Downloading Your Instrument

  1. Open Output Hub and log in to your Output account.
  2. Select Download in the corresponding product tab
  3. Select the download location

Setting up Native Access and Kontakt

  1. Open Native Access
  2. Sign into your Native Instruments Account
    • This is not the same as your Output account.
    • Don't have an account yet? Create one here.
  3. Select the Not Installed section
  4. Download Kontakt 6 Player
    • This is the host software that our instruments run inside

Activating your Instrument

  1. In the top left-hand corner, click Add a serial
  2. Paste your instrument's serial code
  3. Click ADD SERIAL

Final Installation Steps

Now that your instrument has been activated, the next step is to set the file path within Native Access. This is important for ensuring Native Access recognizes the product is installed.

  1. Click VIEW PRODUCTS NOT INSTALLED in the bottom right-hand corner.
  2. Do not click, but hover, over the Install button
  3. Click the Magnifying Glass icon that appears
  4. Select Browse
  5. Locate the instrument folder you downloaded from Output Hub
  6. Select Install
    • Afterwards, your product should display 'Installed' with a green check mark
    • It will also appear in the Installed Products tab


At this point, your product is fully installed. 

Expansion Packs

If you have also purchased expansion packs for your engines, you can now install them the Output Hub now that your file path is set correctly for Native Access and the Hub. 

Here is our guide on installing expansion packs.

Optimizing your instrument's performance

We recommend performing a Batch Re-Save to improve your instrument's loading times.

Here is our guide on performing a batch re-save.


If you are experiencing issues with Output Hub, you have the option to download, install, and activate your instruments using Native Access alone. This article details that process.

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