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Thermal will load by default to the MAIN PAGE


To navigate back to the MAIN PAGE, click the circle icon on the left-hand side of the SIDE PANEL.

XY CONTROL - Grab the handle and drag around the circle to move both MACROS in simultaneously. The XY CONTROL changes appearance according to the settings of certain parameters in the engine.

MACROS - Control multiple parameters at once. Almost any knob or slider can be controlled by a macro. Assign a macro by dragging the “+” assignment indicator onto a knob or slider. Click and drag up or down to set the range of the macro. See MACROS and MODULATION section for more info.

PRESET BROWSER - Click the preset name to enter the preset browser. (When opening a new instance, this should say “Default”) Click the preset name again to exit the browser. 

NEXT / PREVIOUS - Navigate through presets in the browser by clicking NEXT / PREVIOUS arrows.

SAVE [FLOPPY DISK ICON] - Click to open the save menu. User presets are always saved to the USER folder, regardless of which directory is selected in finder. 

DRY / WET - Adjust the amount of affected output to be blended with the original signal.

DRY / WET LOCK - Lock the DRY / WET slider so that that it won't change when cycling through presets.

VALUE READOUT PANEL - Large numerical display of the parameter currently being adjusted. Additionally, this section provides adjustment controls for INPUT and OUTPUT GAIN and a VU meter to show the output volume of the effect. Red dots at the far right of the meter indicates the signal is being clipped. Click on either the INPUT or OUTPUT selection to manually enter a value.

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